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  • 1 Beautiful flowers take some maintenance. Our pools...not so much.
  • 1 Comfortable dining for a dozen close friends...
  • 1 Imagine this home WITHOUT this pool. Now THAT would be shame...
  • 1 It looks like it was meant to be here all along...
  • 1 Just a simple backyard escape...
  • 1 Luxury seating for two...
  • 1 Meet me in the cabana...
  • 1 No cookie-cutter pool designs here...
  • 1 No one disputes the quality of our work and attention to detail...
  • 1 Nothing quite like your own personal lap pool...
  • 1 Relax by your own natural oasis...
  • 1 Relax on the patio...or lounge on the pool. Decisions, decisions...
  • 1 Sometimes a smaller pool is just what you need...
  • 1 Sometimes the pool and the yard all blend together as one...
  • 1 Stone patio, rock spa, flagstone shelf, pebble finish...Our work here is done.
  • 1 Sun or shade, take your pick...
  • 1 The ample deck adds to the beauty of this waterscape...
  • 1 The POOL is only PART of the equation...
  • 1 The right design really makes a house feel like home...
  • 1 We can get as creative as you want...
  • 1 A built-in spa should be beautiful on the inside AND the outside...
  • 1 Add a few water arches for some gentle background sounds...

What's so Special about Brad Sharpe Pools?


Brad Sharpe Pools is a one-of-a-kind pool builder in the greater San Antonio area. Please take 60 seconds to find out why…



You’ll soon discover what a difference it makes when you find a pool builder with the right philosophy, the right attitude, the right construction methods, and the track record to prove it.



Our Philosophy…

Our philosophy is very simple: We don’t want you to make a mistake. That’s why we go out of our way to build a better pool. From stronger steel, to thicker concrete, to our “looped” hydraulics, to the painstaking “bevel” that we custom-cut on every single piece of PVC pipe — NOBODY cares about the long-lasting quality of your pool like we do.


And apparently, we’re on the right track, because in 22 years, not one of our pool projects has had a structural issue. (And that’s saying a lot, considering the horrible soil conditions we have in this part of Texas.)


In fact, let’s be honest here – Our painstaking methods sometimes things just a little bit longer than your “average” pool builder. And our cost is likely to be a little bit higher too. But it’s really no different than buying a new car.


After all, if you wanted the lowest price in town on a car, you would by a Kia.


But if you’re more interested in something that’s beautiful, modern, sophisticated, highly-reliable and well-engineered, then you should be talking to someone like us.



10 Reasons Homeowners Love Brad Sharpe Pools

It’s no surprise we’ve grown to be San Antonio’s number one “BRAD SHARPE POOLS” company, when you consider all of this:

  1. Our Philosophy – It is our goal to help you get the best pool possible for the money you’re comfortable spending. We don’t want you to spend too much money, and we don’t want you to make a mistake.
  2. Our Construction Methods – Our painstaking construction methods are unsurpassed in the greater San Antonio area (and quite possibly the entire country). We build the finest pool you can find.
  3. Our Personal Commitment – With our name on the company, we personally take every step of the process to heart. You can always reach one of the principals of the company, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We may start out as strangers, but we always finish as friends.
  4. Our membership in the Aquatech Society – We’re part of an exclusive society of top-notch pool builders from all over the country who work together to share our knowledge and talents of the common good. Aquatech® will accept no builder other than those who meet their strict standards for quality construction, business ethics, and impeccable reputations. Out of ten thousand pool builders in North America, fewer than 200 have been invited to join Aquatech®.
  5. Our Extensive Experience in San Antonio – the soil conditions in San Antonio are some of the worst in the country. We have over 22 years experience in this area, without a single structural problem.
  6. Our Beautiful and Creative Designs - We don't build cookie-cutter pools. We start with a blank sheet of paper and combine your dreams with our cutting-edge industry expertise. Then we create a design that's just what you've been looking for and more. Vanishing edge? Perimeter overflow? No problem. Our goal is to make you go "Wow!"
  7. Super Clean Water, with No Red Eyes – We use the exclusive patented “mineral-bed” technology of the Nature2 System to provide crystal clear water that’s cleaner, safer, and uses significantly less chlorine.
  8. Our Certified Building Professional® (CBP®) on staff - Brad Sharpe Jr. is a Certified Building Professional® (CBP) from the Pool and Hot Tub Alliance (PHTA) - one of less than 250 CBP's in the entire world.
  9. Our Low Maintenance, Energy Efficient Pool Designs - From our oversized plumbing and filters to our energy-efficient equipment and our self-cleaning pool systems, a pool from Brad Sharpe Pools costs less to own and takes less time and energy to maintain.
  10. Outstanding A+ record with the BBB - We agree with the goal of the Better Business Bureau -- to maintain the highest ethical standards in the industry.  That's why we're an active member of the BBB, and we continue to maintain an A+ rating.



Our Products and Services

If it has anything to do with “Waterscapes” or “Outdoor Living,” then chances are we do it. Here are some specific things we’ve done for our clients in the past. Click any of these to see some examples of our work:




Our Construction Methods

For a complete but “plain English” pictorial overview of our unique construction process, please click here for our construction page.



A Brief History of Brad Sharpe Pools

Brad Sharpe Sr. started in the pool industry in 1983, working for another local pool company. While he loved the industry, he discovered that the company simply wouldn’t do what they promise to the homeowners. So after five years, he left that company and opened Brad Sharpe Pools.


In time, Brad Sharpe Jr. joined the company, after extensive training at an exclusive hydraulics school in Missouri. Brad was soon joined by his brother Adam, who with his engineering degree, brings additional special skills to the company.


Since the beginning, the attitude and approach has always been “do whatever it takes” to make things right for the homeowner. With an obsession to detail, Brad Sharpe Pools build a loyal following of happy customers who to this day, are still proud to show off their 20+ year old pool from Brad Sharpe Pools.


Currently, Brad Sharpe Pools is located in an historic old renovated farmhouse at the corner of Nacogdoches and MacArthur Street, near the Terrell Hills section of North San Antonio. They can be reached at (210) 822-5620



Pool Industry Associations And Organizations


Our Membership in the Aquatech Society

Aquatech is a collaboration of top-notch pool builders from across the country and the world who work together to share their knowledge and talents for common good. The Aquatech Society is an exclusive, invitation-only organization. They will accept no pool builder other than those that meet their strict standards for quality construction, business ethics, and impeccable reputations.

Less than 1% of all pool builders in America have been approved to join the ranks of Aquatech builders.

Formed in 1962, Aquatech is comprised of over 120 pool building professionals, and over 100 retail store operators. They conduct ongoing professional educational programs to develop each pool builder’s capability in the overall planning process and to emphasize each member’s leadership role in customer service. Neither a franchise nor a corporate chain, it’s the nation’s #1 Society of Pool-Building Professionals.


More information at www.Aquatechpools.com


The American Concrete Institute (ACI)

Founded in 1904 and headquartered in Farmington Hills, MI, USA, the goal of the American Concrete Institute is to advance the knowledge of concrete by conducting seminars, managing certification programs, and publishing technical documents. The American Concrete Institute currently has 98 chapters and 20,000 members spanning 108 countries.


ACI is located at 38800 Country Club Dr., Farmington Hills, MI 48331 USA. Phone: 248-848-3700. Fax: 248-848-3701.


ACI Certified Nozzleman

The American Concrete Institute (ACI) established the “shotcrete nozzleman certification program” to establish a basic skill level of shotcrete nozzling. A design engineer or “specifier” can require the use of ACI certified nozzlemen in their specifications. This gives the companies like Brad Sharpe Pools the assurance that the Nozzleman has demonstrated the knowledge and ability to properly place shotcrete.


Although the certification and certificates are issued by ACI, the education and testing are provided by Sponsoring Groups authorized by ACI. The American Shotcrete Association (ASA) is the primary sponsoring group, consisting of ACI Approved Examiners for the shotcrete nozzleman certification program.


More info here: www.concrete.org


American Shotcrete Association

The American Shotcrete Association, headquartered in Farmington Hills, Michigan, is a non-profit organization of contractors, suppliers, manufacturers, designers, engineers, owners, and others with a common interest in promoting the use of shotcrete.


Formed in March 1998 to increase awareness of the shotcrete process, the Vision of the American Shotcrete Association is "that the shotcrete process be understood and used in every beneficial application".


The Mission of the ASA is "to encourage and promote the safe and beneficial use of the shotcrete process". This mission is moved forward through the work of the ASA Committees on Education, Marketing & Membership, Pool & Recreational, Publications, Safety, Sustainability and Underground.


More info here: www.shotcrete.org


BBB – “Better Business Bureau”

The BBB is a private, non-profit organization whose mission is to promote and foster the highest ethical standards between companies and their customers in the areas of:

  • Dependable Service
  • Honesty In Advertising
  • Honest Business Practices
  • Reliable Complaint Handling Procedures

Examples of services provided by the BBB are Business Reliability Reports, Dispute Resolution, Truth-in-Advertising, Consumer and Business Education and Charity Review.  

To be a member of the BBB, an applicant must:


  • Be invited to apply for membership by a staff person or Director of the Bureau.
  • Be actively engaged in business, in the BBB's service area, for no less than 6 months.
  • Supply background information about the company, its principals or other information deemed essential to the BBB.
  • Cooperate with the BBB's activities and efforts to promote voluntary self-regulation within the business industry.
  • Adhere to established BBB standards of advertising and selling, including the Code of Online Business Practices for online businesses that apply for the BBBOnLine Reliability logo, and cooperate with the BBB in matters relating thereto.
  • Promptly respond to any and all complaints forwarded by the BBB, and make good faith efforts to resolve all such complaints in accordance with generally accepted good business practices.
  • Comply with any decisions rendered through the Bureau's or an alternative provider's binding arbitration program.
  • Eliminate the underlying causes of patterns of consumer complaints that the BBB may call to the company's attention.
  • Be free from an unsatisfactory report at the BBB in whose service area the company is headquartered.
  • Be free from any governmental action concerning the marketplace and its customers that demonstrates a significant failure of the company to support the principals and purposes of the BBB.
  • Support the principles and purposes of the BBB and not engage in any activity that reflects unfavorably on the BBB and its members.
  • Refrain from using the name or logo of the BBB for commercial, sales or advertising purposes in any manner not specifically authorized in writing by the BBB.
  • Promptly notify the Bureau of any changes in ownership, licensing status, addresses, telephone numbers, web site and any other information deemed necessary by the Bureau.
  • Fulfill all licensing and bonding requirements of applicable city, county, state and federal agencies and authorities, and provide license numbers upon application for BBB membership and provide periodic updates on request of the BBB.

Businesses earning the right to be included in this organization have a strong reputation of taking care of their customers. More information at: Better Business Bureau  

CBP® - Certified Building Professional®

A Certified Building Professional® is an individual who has passed all the rigorous requirements of the PHTA’s Certified Building Professional® training program. Graduates of the course learn the skills and value system pertaining to high ethical standards, commitment to the highest standards of workmanship and construction, business stability, and superior customer relations. After completion of the training, all graduates must complete continuing education requirements on an ongoing basis in order to maintain their CBP® certification.


More information at http://PHTA.org/education-certification/PHTA-career-institute/cbp-program-become-a-certified-building-professional.aspx.